Yowda - D Boi D Lux

DJs: DJ Scream

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5:41 PM February 25, 2016 CrazedTre via Mobile:

S/o MMG man Yowda one of there recent signee, also my nigga Tracy T, they hittin the streets hard every mixtape make sure everyone pay attention. "Pay Attention"! Yowda
3:51 PM February 22, 2016 drunkenmaster8 via iOS App:

Number 14, and that's all I got to say. Vegas stand up.
5:16 PM January 24, 2016 Mcrem said:

9 years old.. lmao... worse than scooter sayin he was sellin pounds at 12... omg... LMAO... 99% rappers today make me laugh! OMG LMAO
7:11 AM July 7, 2015 daville1 via Mobile:

This is 1 of the hardest covers I've seen n awhile
9:57 AM June 21, 2015 TRILLBONE9 via Mobile:

Tape hard ! Didnt even know he was from lv .thats rite westcoast shyt
8:49 AM June 20, 2015 Mcrem via Mobile:

Track#1 ... This ****nigga juss said he was messin with birds at 9yrs old! LMAO
3:30 AM June 20, 2015 prnt9x said:

.need DOPE GFX for your MIXTAPE/SINGLE cover check it out thrnthrn(.)tumblr(.)com
5:16 AM June 19, 2015 Abc75 said:

iFux with the ni99a. That Gangland joint is my ish. +1!