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Charles Hamilton - The L Word

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Uploaded 10/28/2008

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12:00 PM July 17, 2013 young_bizz via Mobile:

#love the versatility C.H is great
12:07 AM December 10, 2010 kenny_hall said:

why tha **** cant i ****in play this ****!
3:14 AM September 28, 2010 pompanoslim said:

stop hating on the man he sick
5:01 AM August 26, 2009 kingfoster said:

He;s Good all around Charles Hamilton a goon...he gets into his songs his beats are goods nd his lyrics are great
9:01 AM May 9, 2009 covmoneyAC said:

ppl so dumb lol.. he said he aint that good with the lyrics though
good metphors though LOL i mean if u make good metaphors u can make good lyrics..
11:31 PM December 25, 2008 Mr_iStunt said:

dude kinda raw..
he jusz need to get more into his songs, like the way he rap could put yuh to sleep..
dha kidd cold dho
2:02 AM November 15, 2008 redskins said:

1 thing i lik is songs r long wish every bodys was
1:57 AM November 15, 2008 redskins said:

wen hes 4real freestylen hes nice