I Run Ohio

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7:28 PM April 25, 2013 thatOHgirl said:

This sht makes da 614 look weak. Smfh
11:13 PM May 17, 2011 steelers012 said:

shout out to ma fam in toledo, cincy, dayton, and yungztown. much respect from CLIPSBURGH PISTOLVANIA
11:44 PM March 14, 2011 blaccsox24 said:

youtube "cincinnati riot".. we aint got that lame *** cleveland sound.. fucc columbus
3:17 PM October 4, 2010 tsmitty44 said:

o yes i forgot 614 NIGGA!!
3:16 PM October 4, 2010 tsmitty44 said:

ohio is probably the hardest state to stay in and still make it big, because of all the haters and fags stuck on wayne and gucci, so if you do make it you must be sweet. i used to love gucci btw
8:20 PM June 7, 2010 dubzdipset said:

The Dips run the 614 hollla if u hear me
8:34 PM December 10, 2009 perfectpushup said:

3:39 PM September 19, 2009 kingfoster said:

but a kid named cudi was wayyy better