Georgia Bulldogs 12

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4:56 PM November 9, 2008 Dhocta said:

damnnn 10 would be hot jd does his thing but that beat ****in blows strait up my doos
6:04 PM November 7, 2008 collcoll said:

ludas hard nigga he might not be the realist but niggas got lyrics
4:56 PM November 7, 2008 swanknshady said:

all OLD ...most of it i heard like a month ago from southern smokes & etc.....31 degrees good at collaborating old songs
1:35 PM November 7, 2008 yungjwlz09 said:

young dro song is nyce !!! and dat baby...dat **** is fresh
8:52 PM November 5, 2008 redsox2008 said:

LT *****.....i aint even gotta say nuthin...your name says it all you....*****! **** the gators? nigga you crazy they threw up 49 points on your damn dawgs....**** the gators hahahaha!!! dumbass nigga!
2:28 AM November 5, 2008 quell_745 said:

killer mike killed dat shyt hardest n realest on da cd besides dat jezzy n gucci kan't 4get dat t.i. n luda
9:10 PM November 4, 2008 demayes205 said:

7:15 PM November 4, 2008 Ari5edaGod said:

this nigga said the O-zone is bad iz bad cuz i been smokin all the treez...Luda crazy

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