PRODUKT - Inconspicuous

Produkt is a 5x Underground Music Award winner and Billboard Charting (Hot 100 Hot Singles), whose 'one fan at a time' grassroots philosophy has netted him hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and over 1.2 million online video views over numerous blog sites. Produkt's two year long ascent to notoriety accelerated in 2014 when he released two hit singles: 'Hold it Down' and 'Freak Affair.' 'Hold it Down'caught the attention of well-respected music critics as well, and was the recipient of UMA's Best Video and Song of the Year honors.

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9:56 AM July 22, 2015 YoRaps said:

thats what im talkin bout
9:31 AM July 22, 2015 BlockStarzMusic said:

cant stop listenin to this tape! tape of tha year
5:10 AM July 9, 2015 SackRightImStraight said:

fire biatch
6:46 AM July 8, 2015 RFUSION said:

this cat must be signed by a major, no doubt. received dat promo, looking good!
6:45 AM July 8, 2015 Backwud said:

this is on repeat in ma player
7:28 AM July 7, 2015 AirYeezi said:

some tracks bang like crazy
4:49 AM July 6, 2015 TrillaBoy1979 said:

Produkt is the real **** and his music speaks for itself!
3:28 AM July 3, 2015 YeezyBoy said:

I see dis tape everywhere! dude got a strong promo team!