Highlife ODG - Highlife Kalifornia

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3:17 AM July 29, 2015 Liltim555 said:

Dope. Definitely can ride & smoke to this 🔥🔥🔥
6:38 PM June 25, 2015 HighLifeODG via Mobile:

9:24 AM June 25, 2015 linkboi said:

What's good I'm tryna get plugged in rns. ... papachaser in south texas holla at ya boi cuzz be in Cali next week
8:22 AM June 25, 2015 HighLifeODG said:

This is a must Download this **** go hard especially for the stoners and party people or just people that love good music support the movement and download our new mix tape "Highlife Kalifornia" this is just the beginning!!!
10:19 PM June 24, 2015 newjackmarley said:

#Stoner**** Only Real Smokers Can Relate! I ****s with this just wish they would of kept it original one"IDGAF" & Couple other tracks but overall I give it ⭐⭐⭐
12:49 PM June 20, 2015 llp_pll said:

My Nigga #DjTonyPot