Jonezen - The Party Ain't Over 2

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8:41 AM June 22, 2015 happylee said:

That is fantastic music. I am refreshed by this.
5:44 AM June 22, 2015 bobcastle said:

Jonezen bringing the real hiphop back! Finally some American hiphop I can rate.
5:36 AM June 22, 2015 brandonwalker2025 said:

Jonezen - Very nice music i really enjoyed the video, nice beats
12:54 AM June 22, 2015 dell999 said:

hey I like this. Reminds me of RNB music I hear at clubs in Australia. Love it. Great dancing track.
11:44 PM June 21, 2015 dericshare said:

Like this album especially the track - Run For Your Life. My favorite song!
4:01 PM June 21, 2015 jizzum said:

Listened to the track "It's The Truth" it has an amazing flow and a solid beat. This is the kind of hip hop I grew up listening to, none of that pop/rap bull****.
3:48 PM June 21, 2015 r0yman said:

Very hot mixtape!!! Nice beats!
2:41 PM June 21, 2015 RitcheyRich said:

Just got done listening to "Game On". WOW! It's like the perfect blend of old school and new school rap. The rap industry could take some pointers from Jonezen.