Yes We Did!

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2:16 PM October 10, 2013 XavAntLittle said:

People please stop hating on Obama he's done the best he can. The worst we can do is criticize him when we should pray for him.
12:39 PM September 25, 2012 jkeel10 said:

f**k obama. he has screwed the ecnomy so badly. everypne voted for him for his skin color.. now the only people that will vote for him are people with the same views..people have no whats coming..
11:36 PM June 27, 2012 juwangiles1 said:

Lmao 2012 post time for new election
7:45 PM December 3, 2010 loveandmusic said:

ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. BLACK POWER cuz da blacks got da power. Ya feel me? Goerge
Bush wasnt bout **** but yall followed him like a lost puppy.
11:32 AM November 29, 2010 youngwellz44 said:

GOOD ****
1:03 PM May 15, 2010 TYL3R12 said:

**** IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE? Do u really think that our country is going to be in trouble because one man has slightly different skin than white people.Get with the times racists
5:40 PM May 14, 2009 aug222 said:

obama is real
9:39 AM March 26, 2009 crackerjackzak said:

Thank god he is president, I have always wanted America to end up like Canada.