Bad Royale - Move Like EP

After catching our attention with a few jaw-dropping remixes for Major Lazer and Gent & Jawns, Bad Royale makes their Mad Decent debut with a heavy 5-track EP. What started as a fun experiment amongst four friends has led to the creation of a new genre that the group self-dubbed 'king step.' Kingstep can be characterized as a combination of dubstep, grime, dancehall, reggae, moombahton, and Jamaican hip-hop. Featuring collaborations with the likes of Bunji Garlin, Dominique Young Unique and more, Move Like will leave you wanting to moshpit in the middle of the street, turn a dance floor inside out and hunt sharks with machine guns from outer space, all at the same time. Trust us, after just two tracks in you'll know exactly what we mean.

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