Free Slicc Pulla

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2:27 AM June 16, 2016 tg220cashaddict via Mobile:

4thward boulevard r.i.p. paradise r.i.p. g town pink city
4:06 PM July 22, 2015 rizene via Mobile:

So Prestigious
1:53 AM July 12, 2015 Cooolin said:

Hell yeah slicc do gotta stay free, We need more real ones out here. But he got some work for us doe. Stay tuned, its a lot of **** coming from him and the team.

1:11 AM July 12, 2015 Cooolin said:

Cant wait for conquer the hood, then the world. Its gon be retarted
10:26 AM July 1, 2015 brentton via Mobile:

My brother bout his blackness frfr
9:58 AM July 1, 2015 Why_Yall_Be_Hatin said:

You can tell when dudes really livin the life they rap about and Slick Pulla seems realer than alot niggas favorite rappers thats tellin lies. He do need to stay Free tho lol but he still a dope artist
5:07 AM July 1, 2015 9inchesandproud said:

Damn this nigga always getting locked up
2:50 AM July 1, 2015 Cooolin said:

4Real. Free Slicc Pulla, Free the Real, And Salute the team. #Prestige