Charles Hamilton - Sonic The Hamilton

DJs: DJ Skee
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3:44 AM May 30, 2017 seedaboi via iOS App:

One of the greatest unrealized potentials ever. Interscope likely set out to wreck his career to make way for gay rappers to take over. So sad
11:44 PM March 14, 2015 thebudtie via Mobile:

killed it theBudtie says 👳👳👳👳♊️👳💰💰💰💊
7:58 PM April 14, 2011 coxgarrett67 said:

Fan Are Cool
11:31 PM January 17, 2011 kenny_hall said:

just wanted to be tha first on 2011 go ch nigga im starchaser 4reals!
4:16 AM August 19, 2010 Omgroefly said:

Say Charles i fux with u homie
2:01 PM September 6, 2009 Djoka7 said:

really liked this
9:18 AM July 4, 2009 coolbreeze_third said:

he be soundin like eminem sometimes..he go hard Cudi, Wale and Charles Hamilton on deck
10:17 AM May 28, 2009 faghag said:

hamilton is that doode...all haters can suck a fat ****