Crunksauce IV

Chillage Records is excited to present Crunksauce Vol IV, showcasing original Glitch Hop, Future Bass, Midtempo, Downtempo and West Coast Beats from some of Chillage Records finest, and a few talented newcomers! This release is filled with dance floor anthems like Elevated Minds, 'The Mechanic' or Isturites 'King Me' song. Not only is it filled with hard hitting remixes, but it's also chock full of luscious beat driven songs like CharlesTheFirsts, 'All Ways' tune. This diverse compilation even has mellow downtempo grooves such as The Digital Connections, 'Release' song. Crunksauce Vol IV will please bass heads and beat junkies far and wide, so grab this fresh release while it's hot!

Previous Mixtape: Crunksauce III

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