Travis Reed - No Hustle No Profit

DJs: DJ B Eazy
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3:32 PM September 11, 2015 smookmac via Mobile:

Rob co. Stand the **** up **** what niggas think..#LTown4Life fam
1:37 PM July 28, 2015 jullian811 said:

Yo #HighSalutes To SinisterLLC
10:17 AM July 13, 2015 SummerinMiami98 said:

Dope tape Travis. As with anything you aren't truly at your best without a hater or two along the way!!!! Lol said he aint hatin!!! if it aint love it is hate!!! Cost nothing to keep it moving!
9:59 PM July 12, 2015 SinisterLLC said:

Oh yeah.....your tweets stats a FB stats are fake too. and don't take CORNY to another level by saying I'm hatin. You know you a fraud so own it.
9:58 PM July 12, 2015 SinisterLLC said:

Dude has ONLY 7700 video views and over 500 Mixtape votes. Artists doing this fake sh*t is what makes the game look bad. Faking your stats is corny fam.
9:05 AM July 7, 2015 Hitwe said:

Yo this mixtape is fire!!! Lyrics. Beats, Hooks and Substance!! #pureuncutdopeness #carolinasgotnow