Fritanga Vol. 1

We launched our first compiled highlighting the Latin American electro sound identity Always in Le Ronca Records we have supported and encouraged Latin American artists of electronic music, in order to strengthen our sound identity and encourage its acceptance and recognition in the music industry. Fritanga Vol. 1 is our first major step to consolidate as promoters in this respect. From the hand of producers of most of Latin America, we are paddling together, believing in and respecting the local product as colleagues and self-advocates. Obviously the protagonist is music, so in our imperative to accept only original tracks we saw reflected the true creativity and capabilities born from the minds of the producers. The color and vibrancy of our first compilation is felt between experiments and bangers, from the depths of the deep cumbia, through vocal sound system projects (which have a significant presence within the compiled), then up to zouk, cumbia bass , moombahton and explodes with trap, kuduro and 3ball to close epically with saya of Bolivia Andean afro. We are proud that all producers and seals friends have shared the same sentiment. Fritanga Vol. 1 constitutes 39 grains of sand that are added and defend the revolution in electronic music alterlatina. Thanks in style, this is the beginning of a next cry Fritanga Vol. 2! Congratulations to all!

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6:05 PM September 1, 2017 FlexMax2016 said:

1/10 Pkt. ....