The Dream Is Real


DJ Swamp Izzo drops the long awaited mixtape for the like always DJ Swamp Izzo digs for the best of the future an always real exclusives for the streets!!! Keeping in real as DJ Swamp Izzo always has me uses a mixtape cover from a no name middle school kid with dreams of being the next big cover designer an doesn't sell slots for his mixtape and this make the name and brand unstoppable an high ranking in the streets.

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12:18 AM October 28, 2016 1mikewill via Mobile:

12 long live bank
8:01 PM October 29, 2015 GTownHound17th via Mobile:

Lawd, if a nigga not feel n dat # 2 Lil Boosie then I dont want cha round me 4 real real ya heard me!!
2:07 AM July 25, 2015 MoneymakinG100 via Mobile:

#1 #2 #3 #19 🔥🔥🔥
7:30 AM July 14, 2015 RealBlood5avage via Mobile:

12:38 AM July 14, 2015 RealBlood5avage via Mobile:

8:43 PM July 10, 2015 atl2217 via Mobile:

#5 dat ****
12:34 AM July 10, 2015 513larry via Mobile:

Rich homie snapped on that #1 for rich or poor DAMN!!!!!!! Rich homie went clean off Lmao!!! And that dude stood beatz be dropping some hot beatz...
6:51 PM July 8, 2015 dj9007 said:

Swap Scooter step dad