The Western Conference 30

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9:15 PM July 22, 2015 TravDaddy said:

From Calexico all the way up to Crescent City Back down to San Ysidro
9:10 PM July 22, 2015 TravDaddy said:

I know why they mad...they wanna be like CA...keep dreaming maybe n the next life u can understand HOW WE L.A
12:28 AM July 18, 2015 adog831 said:

if its the Western Conference, put West Coast Rappers. or call something else. That's how most of these western conference mixtapes r, features mostly non west coast rappers. West Coast is the best

12:24 AM July 18, 2015 adog831 said:

best part of this half east coast mixtape is the cover. Warriors
6:20 PM July 12, 2015 yg1408 via Mobile:

Wtf.half these niggas aint from the west coast 😂😂😡😡😡
10:05 PM July 11, 2015 calinigga916 via Mobile:

June beastin!! 916 to 404
9:06 AM July 11, 2015 Music2431 via Mobile:

Weak af
11:17 PM July 10, 2015 YourUndaCovaLuva said: