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7:37 PM February 4, 2016 Mcrem said:

7:30 PM February 4, 2016 Mcrem said:

i been talking bout lil b since 2010... he is in my top 3 of all time... n riff is in my top 7 since 11'12... ther on guccis **** n other hot artist ****... like got damn... learn early kids... TYBG
3:56 PM December 24, 2015 philthyfresh said:

this dude keeps putting riff raff, lil b,lil flash on gucci music ****ing up all the albums he sucks at picking features. he puts all these rappers he ****s with on gucci music and its horrible. Even Andy Milonokis be rapping wit Guwop LOL!!!
1:16 PM August 6, 2015 pheelthabeat said:

9:43 AM July 31, 2015 BillyVYVC said:

That's what's up Sean I digging the album u don't know me I went to school wit yo Brother Frank (c/o 98) Ypsi Braves. tell him Dolla Bill said what up and I still **** wit the music. grab a couple mo' Ypsi Niggas we got u. and keep the bangaz comin'
12:15 AM July 26, 2015 Jnasty585 via Mobile:

Like that Sean! Proud of u bro....jmiller-roanoke..
11:11 PM July 24, 2015 seanpainemusic said:

2:40 PM July 23, 2015 Cityofdope said:

**** lil b. he can stay ****ing will smith's son.