Rod-D - #Dizzle

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11:23 PM August 9, 2015 DaDirtiest said:

edison987 you stupid as **** you gon get busted large. have fun selling to an undercover retard
10:26 PM August 5, 2015 mistadjpaul said:

the video up top is tight
12:57 PM August 5, 2015 southsidegroovin6911 said:

Boys reppin for the Da Pound and tha A. Get it. #870
3:42 PM August 4, 2015 7225 said:

7:48 PM August 2, 2015 obitwis said:

my skype address is obitwis just add me up lets talk i do rap and hustle hustory life in hood we live,
7:43 PM August 2, 2015 obitwis said:

good evening to you big brother, am paul obitwis by name am from Nigerian and i love to here this blessed album that god give to you in the brain.