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12:39 PM September 1, 2015 ShowUpBlowUp said:

Keep Grinding. You're a star. They didn't make you. No one would waste time if you didnt have it in you from jump. They may have brought it out & gave you a platform but you're talented. i see big things for Spilly. 100
6:04 AM August 16, 2015 Tijuansha1 said:

Obviously he's adopted by a black family lol for his age this is pretty coo
3:17 PM August 4, 2015 LilBreeze17 via Mobile:

This is kid bye bye
4:24 PM July 31, 2015 ramennoodle via Mobile:

Hell naw
2:39 PM July 31, 2015 revo_98 said:

Keep spillin on em spilly 💯💧💦 @spilly @mama_spill
9:42 AM July 31, 2015 Mars_11 said:

A younger, whiter Migo? I'll pass..
9:19 PM July 30, 2015 raizaroof via iOS App:

Keep grinding spilly!!!
6:08 PM July 30, 2015 318901 said:

yeah he aint got the sauce nomo dey kicked him out owweeeee