Stitches & Str8kash - Brick Bible

DJs: DJ Winn
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12:07 PM January 2, 2016 KayaknBak said:

Stitches raps like a short bus special needs child. I apologize; I know that is an insult to developmentally disabled children. "I got a brick bible! You ain't got no brick bible! I love selling bricks! I love hitting licks!" Pure idiocy.
9:36 PM August 18, 2015 StackinMadLoot said:

This tape dope but I agree, he's saving the best for his mixtape
7:13 AM August 18, 2015 joeanotherguy said:

Minus edit
9:26 PM August 15, 2015 13MICKEY82 via iOS App:

Brick in all u haters face this **** hard
1:13 AM August 6, 2015 brentton via Mobile:

2:54 PM August 3, 2015 Cityofdope said:

GO home! this **** awful!
10:07 AM August 1, 2015 lvlKirito via Mobile:

Some of his stuff go hard like 100 million but ok im sorry thats the only song I like -_-
6:08 AM August 1, 2015 joeanotherguy said:

you can do better than this stitches