Abyss - Echoes EP

We are proud and happy to present EXTASIS018, a breath-taking Pop/Grime/R&B work the amazing Greek born artist Abyss X. Abyss X debutes her solo project with a 5-track avant-R&Bass EP titled 'Echoes' released on Mexico City-based label and digital art collective 'Extasis'. The LA-based producer comes from a multi-disciplinary all DIY background in coding, performance, dance and video. "Echoes" starts with grime-pop anthem L.A.S.H., slowly traversing towards an intimate listening experience, more like witnessing a confession, with tracks like Bite the Apple, Pain, If I and R&B trip hop ballad 'Avalon'. This body of work was recorded in various bedrooms located in LA, NYC, Berlin and Athens where Abyss X resided in the past 6 months. 'This EP is dedicated to my late father Konstantinos' -Abyss X

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