Da Boi Lay - 3 Way (Dripset)

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1:49 AM June 12, 2016 SaladPizza via Mobile:

2:30 PM August 31, 2015 KeyLoe said:

I fuk with it
9:43 PM August 23, 2015 shootie24 said:

Shoutout Zaytown USA, CDB, 1017, Bankroll Mafia, and Da Boi Lay, Yung LA killed this ****, this past couple weeks he done put his print in the history books in this trap rap game. FRFR he killin **** right now. Much love from Naptown homie.
8:42 PM August 15, 2015 knouk via iOS App:

Best zay mixtape since la last all zay ****
2:55 AM August 14, 2015 whitebricks81 said:

Can't blame em
4:05 PM August 13, 2015 Young_Dizzle said:

always had faith...my nigga been smashin ****,,,good job lay!
3:25 PM August 13, 2015 burgundythepainter via Mobile:

Niggas talking bout it from a rap standpoint, like boy do you not hear the real **** he preaching. These niggas want music to dance to #lmao
2:27 PM August 13, 2015 burgundythepainter via Mobile:

I was juggin to number 1,2,3 and 4 and I ended up stayin out an extra hour tryna get it off cause the **** motivated me. **** u **** nggs talking down. #Hits