CG Kush - All Gas No Breaks

DJs: DJ Smallz
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2:51 PM January 20, 2016 501LR via iOS App:

#4 🔥🔥
2:18 PM September 5, 2015 albeze said:

its ya boy checking in my nigga ..young magmar lol ... did his mother ****ing thing
7:30 PM August 18, 2015 floridachris123 said:

ohhh **** xavior jordan produced some tracks i bought that niggas drum kits on youtube the G.O.A.T kit and the SALVATION KIT, and MJ nichols got some beats also that laced up and evil rising kits goes in
7:44 PM August 15, 2015 luvly305 said:

Feds feds feds feds feds
5:19 PM August 14, 2015 burnone666 via Mobile:

This hard