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Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - The Bad Side

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Uploaded 12/01/2008
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I Still Can't Feel My Face Edition
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2:40 PM November 11, 2011 ctownassns said:

wayne killed nothin on me spazzzedddd
12:01 PM July 26, 2010 redboy1000 said:

LIL WEEZY is the best
10:34 PM May 29, 2010 iLuCky said:

ohh man lil wayne goes off on death wish
12:30 AM April 1, 2010 Gochargers21 said:

Wayne said tell that beef im berger king lol hot line
8:29 AM May 22, 2009 LXYousif said:

This mixtape is jus fresh. Juelz is true & LIL WEEZY is the best. We don't know Gucci so stop saying his ****in name. The mutha****a looks like a dinosaur
11:17 AM January 9, 2009 keempain09 said:

dat boy juelz cant be ****ed wit he stay clappin wayne *** ya digg dip mutha ****in set
5:50 PM December 15, 2008 vmurdadadon75 said:

12:52 PM December 13, 2008 kejuan214 said:

dats lets pray hawt!!!