WDNG Crshrs - CrshrsGotWings

Do you have Skymiles? That'll be your only way to feel how we felt doing this tape. WDNG and Cardo don't need flight points. WDNG and Cardo..got wings bra. I'm talmbout 10 records of pure EFFORTLESS pleasure. It took us 2 weeks to do This. You can take your seatbelts off and walk the cabin for this one my g. Shout out to them #1317HotGirls with the angel wings. We see you baby. This shit really for "You You You"...now get outta here. #CRSHRSGOTWINGS

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10:35 AM December 30, 2016 Spaceman_Sam via Mobile:

This difficult for you to understand. Real spill
1:10 AM September 8, 2016 blackzario said:

**** fresh..you hate this mixtape you hate yourself. Beats hard. QM verses smash. Mac pimped them freestyles.
1:16 PM August 26, 2015 LilBreeze17 via Mobile:

#2 is the only good one
5:26 PM August 25, 2015 BRUCESENJUTSU said:

8:27 AM August 22, 2015 MrClean29 said:

I tried to like this...i really did.
11:50 AM August 21, 2015 LiveMixtapesCritic said:

Bro.....this **** is hella terrible lol
11:10 AM August 21, 2015 pusha21 said:

wasted cardo beats all I head was "yeah" a million times smh
2:39 AM August 21, 2015 tammy215 said:

Mixtape ***, Producer ***, Bars? Non-existent, WHTUOFFERING? ****ing terrible

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