Certified Clubtapes, Vol. 16

Clubtapes.com 16th volume of #CertifiedClubtapes mixtape series documenting all the very latest EDM hits. Dropping every month! The tracks remain separated and DJ friendly so everything is high quality and dance floor ready. No DJ drops!

Previous Mixtape: Certified Clubtapes, Vol. 15

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12:07 PM September 4, 2015 on27top said:

why it is not able to post it on vk.com? hate russia?
3:19 PM September 2, 2015 Heizzi said:

this thang got them clappers!
12:41 AM August 31, 2015 TheVibeLife said:

real dope ****
8:58 PM August 30, 2015 smokemane said:

I made a mistake and hit the (-) button, but I meant to hit the (+). This is a good mixtape
8:46 PM August 29, 2015 SnowG103 said:

2:10 PM August 28, 2015 prtyprty said:

face melters
1:27 PM August 28, 2015 TrillShitOnly said:

bang bang
1:09 PM August 28, 2015 DJ_DISH said:

this one got that heat!