Pooh Gutta - East St Cleveough


After Finally Being Set Free From Beating A Case Where He Was Fighting Life Changing Charges Such as Agg Rob, Attempted Murder, Kidnapping and a host of other charges Pooh Gutta The Young Cleveland Legend Is Finally Back To Tell His Side Of The Story. Stories of His Side Of Cleveland Which He Calls East St. Cleveough (3 Vicious Wards of The City East Cleveland, St. Clair & Hough Blended Together) of Where He Comes From , What He Represents , With Plenty New Street Anthems, Sayings Such As "On Mommy" "Got That Roll On Me" and A Host of Raunchy Pre-Meditated Strip Club Anthems, Down to Up close personal first hand stories of Cleveland's Highly Growing Crime Rate. The Mix-Bum (Mixtape & Album) As He Calls It is set to Drop October 29th and plans to be the railroad for his neighborhood Knowles Avenue (Also Neighborhood Of Futures Artist Doeboy) and many more Midwest Street Rappers . Stay Tuned

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