Zed Zilla - Rent's Due 3

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9:14 PM October 12, 2018 kingsal92 via Android App:

4. r.I.p og double d.
2:12 AM February 14, 2017 wuan5779 via iOS App:

Zed ain't getting his props u gon be big tho
5:23 AM February 24, 2016 Daxfactor555 said:

Gun me down hardest song on here sy ari wat up
4:10 PM February 8, 2016 Mcrem said:

playing this low watching superbowl 50 hlights high after working hard thurs thru mon, bout to have off, thank god... **** ride out
12:24 PM December 15, 2015 driyah via iOS App:

When you still playing it in your play list ...You did your thing on this one
6:23 PM October 19, 2015 longway334 via Mobile:

Real street ****....
1:10 AM October 10, 2015 blakeblake298 via Mobile:

Zed going in on his mixtapes specially wen he click up wit yogotti....1 time for tha m town to tha jack town... tennessee bound
1:20 AM October 9, 2015 liljbking via Android App: