Rick Ross - Way Mo Trilla 2

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8:37 PM March 22, 2011 shadowman900 said:

dis go in
6:26 PM September 22, 2010 shadowman900 said:

**** 50!!!!!rick ross 4 life
10:10 AM November 25, 2009 thuglife459999 said:

Triple C`s ross u killin um....get money tht`s wat its all about 242/305 all day nigga
3:53 PM November 4, 2009 Kingbinky4 said:

the mixtape is hot but rick ross shouldnt use autotune
7:33 AM April 19, 2009 blakesmithers22 said:

Ross killin it, **** 50!
9:05 PM April 5, 2009 KUSHPACK_IRENE said:

dis nigga raw ****in haters never die
7:19 PM February 5, 2009 Tagarelli said:

u people are fools, im a white boy and i can offically say Rick Ross is a boss, Triple C's *** day baby, alll u people hatin just **** off bros, dont let me hear it
6:44 AM December 31, 2008 phoenominal said:

rick ross is a snitch either way he woz still 5 0 nd he aint sell dem dope y u think he got dat beard 2 hide his face shook ***** he knws wat would happen 2 him if som1 who got locked up coz of him say hit no talkinn jus pop pop SPLAT sausage rolls droppin