Hit-Boy - Zoomin' EP

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9:23 PM September 8, 2015 brucelee via Mobile:

Glad u Dropped this I needed the inspiration I won't sleep on ya again
8:53 AM September 6, 2015 YoungJerm via Mobile:

New thinking with old Concepts 🔥
7:52 PM September 3, 2015 N_sifuentez via Mobile:

Belongs in the Indy section for real for real
7:51 PM September 3, 2015 N_sifuentez via Mobile:

This **** foreign af
6:29 PM September 3, 2015 GUnot33333 via Mobile:

10:40 AM September 3, 2015 beaztboy17 via Mobile:

Yeah this was tight, west coast in this ***** too, he from the inland empire, I'm from south central LA so southern cali **** cuz and this nigga made niggas in Paris so don't sleep on him haha
11:35 PM September 2, 2015 22Waka via Mobile:

3:19 PM September 2, 2015 303GS_CTE_Boy said:

This Hot tho, the creativity that Hit Boy brings is always something the game needs to take notes from. Audio Push should of been here tho