Perry Boi - LOADB


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4:14 PM September 10, 2015 preachism said:

@WestsideMayor334 am i missing something? Isnt jason mcwilliams in jail, he was denied bond... to my understanding both suspects turned themselves in because they werent safe on the streets
3:57 PM September 10, 2015 preachism said:

wtf is track #12 doing on here? seriously who didnt skip that song???

1:06 PM September 10, 2015 WestsideMayor334 said:

@coolcoldice lol u talking bout a hood got shot up.. R u serious my nigga.. They killed Doe B n this nigga said we shot up they hood.. How many bodies O... Shooting buildings n concrete.. rip doe b tho... That nigga with patch still living
1:02 PM September 10, 2015 WestsideMayor334 said:

He u gone beef with T.I when u niggas couldn't even retaliate for Doe B nigga y'all grew up with smh death... It don't add up lil homie.. Then u got too many ***** niggas round u for any kind of war... CBM casket gone drop
12:41 AM September 10, 2015 TuskoneeDTD via Mobile:

I myself dont care nuttin bout what tip and Perry boi got going but ya mixtape doing numbers pimp salute From DTD To CBM!!!!!ALABAMA STAND UP!!!
9:23 PM September 9, 2015 coolcoldice via Mobile:

Hustlehard205 bruh **** u do u wanna die over livemixtape comments *****...I'll dome check yo ***** azz...perryboi hard
11:21 AM September 9, 2015 trillmatic334 via iOS App:

@HustleHard205 that nigga with the patch whole hood got shot up behind that speak on what you know
7:43 AM September 9, 2015 HustleHard205 said:

Is CBM still together?? Why no CBM Debi on tape?? I ****s with yall hard until
I heard that Jason boy with the patch had u niggas spook.. Rip Doe B