Jabo - B4 The Evolution

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9:55 AM September 20, 2015 DJJabMic said:

@alabamatapes @uncertainsoul wow great job detectives!..I will still play this guys music..he was so humble when he came to my city! and put on a great show, No matter what the vote or score is.. @alabamatapes let me find out your an artist! lol
8:07 AM September 19, 2015 UncertainSoul said:

I like Jabo's music, thats why its disappointing to see these fake comments. Let your **** stand on it's own, promote it without the fake ****. And It isn't just this tape there are TONS of tapes on this site that have fake commenters.
11:59 AM September 16, 2015 alabamatapes via Mobile:

It is a good tape I just don't agree with the voting thing. that's all @djjabmic
11:27 AM September 16, 2015 DJJabMic said:

@uncertainsoul give the dude a break man..all these niggas do that ****...atleast his **** ridin
11:26 AM September 16, 2015 DJJabMic said:

@alabamatapes you are supposed to be "alabamatapes" but talking down on an alabama artist..smh...I agree the comments are suspect but alot of comments on this site are!. I feel this guy deserves everything he gets.he been on 106andpark and everything!
10:27 AM September 16, 2015 alabamatapes via Mobile:

I agree @uncertainsoul and these fake votes too.. Smh..
2:01 AM September 16, 2015 UncertainSoul said:

I cant stand when rappers on this site use fake *** comments to boost themselves. It's so obvious these comments are fake that its sad. Every comment is similiar as well as the screen names too...come the **** on.
3:31 PM September 9, 2015 youngbosses12345 said:

Salute jabo #205 stand up to the #334 everyone plz go check out my mixtape and vote up livemixtapes YB SK8