Maybach Pat & Al Bundlez - Step Brothers

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3:48 PM September 14, 2015 BL20D said:

@grovestreetvet I did hear about this **** a minute ago it really don't matter as long as it's good I ****ss wit it rob the bank goes inn bruh 💯💯💯
3:42 PM September 14, 2015 grovestreetvet said:

This **** was suppose to drop years ago they been promoting dis
3:41 PM September 14, 2015 grovestreetvet said:

@pooloc get yo hatin *** on this **** was suppose to come out before don trip & starlito I **** they jus finally drop know the artist before u just come hatin lame *** nigga...💯💯 wild 100s ****s wit it keep doing yall mannn
3:25 PM September 14, 2015 pooloc said:

that's whats wrong with rap now. everybody bite the next nigga ****. an ya homeboys yes men cuz if they was real niggaz they would tell u to be ya self . guns an money don't make u real
3:22 PM September 14, 2015 pooloc said:

I cant **** with this yall know STARLITO & DON TRIP STEP BROTHERS get ya own name fam bitting *** niggaz
4:56 PM September 11, 2015 davontaesk via Mobile:

1:18 PM September 11, 2015 freshrocka23 said:

Dis **** gooooo I ****s wit it eastside crazy chiraq **** 103 **** yall niggaz in it that cover funny to
1:15 PM September 11, 2015 tommyengream said:

Chi-town support wild 100 this tape hard #stepbrothers that **** funny too

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