4th Quarter Pressure, Part 2

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10:58 PM January 6, 2009 Justin_81 said:

I Like em when he on some real **** ,but that other **** is zoo,but being an mc who hotter than em,-we will see
7:01 PM December 25, 2008 malaka109 said:

yea my niga em hot as fuk he da real beast but he need to step them beats up n *** back wit dat eminem show **** ya dig?
8:28 AM December 24, 2008 ezzemny1 said:

how in the **** u gonna say em suck his can spit better then anybody an everytime he spits it is tellin a ****in story unlike wayne he jus say a whole bunch of **** that rymes
10:55 PM December 23, 2008 puchd123 said:

em sucks
8:43 AM December 19, 2008 ezzemny1 said:

em new cd gonna sell mroe cds then waynes lame *** carter3 hands down
9:04 PM December 18, 2008 NOPE said:

3:45 PM December 18, 2008 js said:

what r u guys talkin bout?!?!? that #1 song by em is sooo bangin!!! cant wait for the cd to come...its been to long em!
5:44 PM December 15, 2008 joosnigga21 said:

eminem is a ****in legend except for that #1 song