Trap Monopoly 16 (The Reincarnation)

DJs: DJ Hood
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11:38 PM September 8, 2015 Choppa34 said:

aint nothing Trap about Wiz Khalifa and the cover is horrible
9:16 PM September 8, 2015 trichmondabu said:

buy the album s or whatever but chances are you broke *** critics cant even do that. Theres 50 states in the us and a million djs but you expect them all to have different **** at same time. Stfu mixtape rookie listener. **** fiyah!
9:14 PM September 8, 2015 trichmondabu said:

at the end of the day it doesn't ****ing matter, critics will be critics but u critiquing behind a phone or cpu. come out with something ya damn selves. ****s dope imo, has old era feel to it. if you want tapes w/o drops, talkin. etc
6:41 PM September 8, 2015 Choppa34 said:

i aint hating more then half these songz came out already this dj was just slow with the new **** and the quality of the mixtape sucks dj messed up the quality of songs with them weak tags and that weak talking
4:27 PM September 8, 2015 jamessr said:

choppa, the hate is real. do u expect every tape to have all different songs dumbazz? I fux wit it, especially #12
3:33 PM September 8, 2015 PipeitUp said:

3:17 PM September 8, 2015 nuttinnew said:

2:31 PM September 8, 2015 Choppa34 said:

Now who in D hell are yall trying to Fool Like yall aint see the 5 other mixtapes before this had the songs first