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Project Pat - Street God

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Uploaded 12/16/2015
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8:10 PM June 4, 2017 benzo1983 via Android App:

Him and juicy sued lil lody.
4:59 AM July 19, 2016 hustlahustlahh said:

9:21 AM April 12, 2016 a2pple said:

7:00 PM February 26, 2016 AcidPacman96 via iOS App:

I never heard this nigga before but I just listened track to track and its hittin lf. This nigga real af and hard af. Real niggas respect dis ****. If you like that pop trap music, you might not like this. If you like real nigga ****, u gon fw this
11:37 PM February 19, 2016 mackateneleven via iOS App:

They respect me... Everywhere I go 👌🏽
11:34 PM January 27, 2016 16dg said:

G ****
5:25 PM January 23, 2016 cunextuesday said:

need a nodj version! all these mixtape "dj"s suck these days. not even mixin **** but ****in the music up w/ annoying drops louder than the actual music. the definition of unnecessary
10:49 AM January 23, 2016 cappuccino said:

I loved pat's music back in the day, But at 43 pat is to old to still be rapping about still in the street life.