Roc-A-Fella Season, Part 2

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11:16 AM January 27, 2011 Young_markus said:

yo its hard no lie that heartbreak **** goin off
2:08 PM October 3, 2009 bostoleon said:

11:22 PM March 27, 2009 geron said:

maan tha welcome to heartbreak WITH malcom x?!?!? that shoulda been n tha video 2!!! its cold! n so true
12:02 AM January 14, 2009 JSway said:

this dude man if you have any respect for the music you will see that this **** is wack and just as gay as the nigga standing up for it.
1:43 PM January 13, 2009 dmaize said:

***** *** nigga jsway dont diss kanye he go hard as **** you ***** *** nigga so you can shut all that **** up
11:15 PM January 2, 2009 JSway said:

yo **** all this, jay you where tight until you became and accersory to the murder of hip hop and rap by discovering kanye west. You should of just let him go and went and looked for some other nigga, cause as long as people keep playing **** with him on it we will be stuck with house and techno music with hip hop lyrics. **** kanye west and all that he has done.
3:49 PM December 21, 2008 jaydub07 said:

this **** go hard bruh... yaw nigas is tripn if yaw say otha wise. 187 and history is tha hardest trax handz down...
12:19 PM December 18, 2008 dmaize said:

**** dis whole album and everybody who like it

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