nobide - Beatitude

Beatitude means supreme blessedness. To me, this attitude was best exemplified by those rebellious cats of the 40's, 50's and 60's, the Beat Generation. Their words and stories spread and touched the world because they were, above all else, real. They were searching for truth, laughter, and identity, all the while carving worlds in words and inspiring the world to live a more free, and honest, lifestyle. Through their work, I came to find much of my own truth, and found their words and ideas still resonate today. I see their spirit coming through the people and places around me, a force calling us to connect, create, and consider. With this project, I attempted to refresh and modernize their pieces via sound. Each song on this record represents a vibe, a passage, a message, or a feeling I walked away with after reading a book, poem or note. I hope you find some time to check out some of the work by the Beats - I promise it's worth it.

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