R&B Jumpoff, Vol. 48

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7:25 PM August 1, 2010 sexyshaki said:

for me this mixtape was alright! i didn't think i was gonna like it because of like the first 10 songs but after that, like the last 11, picked up for me!
9:56 AM April 7, 2010 youngbone216 said:

um surprised trey songz aint on dis 1
9:54 AM April 7, 2010 youngbone216 said:

tommy stars and trey songs should be blood brothers or sum both of dem go hard apart and together dey had 2 *** from da same blood
9:52 AM April 7, 2010 youngbone216 said:

@purplecity21 LMAO
9:09 AM March 11, 2009 bady749 said:

Da Dream go hard on dat rocking that thang dats bout da only junt he dun had i dun liked
8:48 PM January 10, 2009 jackie34 said:

diz junk goes hard specially #8
5:05 PM December 24, 2008 CHEERIO84 said:

First stop hating on #8, that **** is raw. This is a good mix tape, keep up the great work
1:58 PM December 18, 2008 trayyayo said:

diz be ridin when imwit me girl.