Geekin (The Trap Series)

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7:08 PM December 15, 2016 gottiboys via Mobile:

2:09 PM October 1, 2015 cgmboys said:

Cooley Foolie Music Group bout to take the game #GetNTune
5:26 PM September 22, 2015 jarmal23 via Mobile:

Offset free him
5:44 AM September 22, 2015 mrelectriccity said:

think you've figured out by now i aint ya average artist, sincerity and honesty mixed with a splash of hardness,i tend to speak to those that appear to be brash and heartless,i aim at they soul and proceed to blast at targets, i ease past the garbage
5:42 AM September 22, 2015 mrelectriccity said:

they be rough around the tell me whose polished & all of that **** i be hearing on the radio be garbage
attending they live shows is like attending stand up comics
5:41 AM September 22, 2015 mrelectriccity said:

making music for ya niggas like nobody can **** with u, yall way to comfortable, borderline crossdressing got me like whats up with u
2:24 AM September 22, 2015 2k12YungKel22 via Mobile:

Sneakin Geekin so old
2:00 PM September 21, 2015 hiphopnewz said:

Same recycled cover and music smh!!