Aviaun - Spirit Of Antonio

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7:36 PM October 26, 2015 plugrio said:

I ain think nobody was up on buddy buh its me daz late he next watch
9:16 PM October 5, 2015 cole_cole via iOS App:

his flow hard
9:04 PM October 3, 2015 noluckj via iOS App:

CLEVELAND OHIO in this ***** this nigga been grindin in the land you deserve this **** real land nigga wit dem bars
4:48 PM October 3, 2015 trapjumpn via iOS App:

Glizzy tape wak migos loss da sauz thug tape cool Im only fuccin wit dis an Tip future drizzy and rip flamez they all got dey own style #6 prolly got him sign alone is he sign wit tip N e body no?
4:33 PM October 3, 2015 str8dropguap said:

#1 #2 #3 #6 #8 #9 #10 st8 heat whole mixtape hard doh
4:07 PM October 3, 2015 nateblock said:

this way betta den shy glizzy his mixtape weak it sound the same @ganggangduke
1:57 PM October 2, 2015 War_redyMMG said:

Son nice
5:09 PM October 1, 2015 asaprocket via iOS App:

I herd bleed on the radio he was snappin that what made me DL dis tape

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