Killer Mike & El-P - Meow The Jewels

Killer Mike & El-P aka Run the Jewels just released Meow the Jewels, the cat sound remix of their sophomore album, Run the Jewels 2.

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Previous Album: Run The Jewels 2

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4:00 PM February 18, 2016 Mcrem said:

**** goes for 80 babys... (86 shouts out)
6:43 PM December 12, 2015 skuff said:

9:00 PM November 16, 2015 exppsyc said:

lmfao...Serious over meows. Killer Mike still got it tho
11:18 PM November 8, 2015 carloshb via Mobile:

**** straight to me like ***** trying me
1:44 PM October 24, 2015 willmatic88 said:

beats wack lyrics on point
2:06 PM October 18, 2015 jjgunz1 said:

They letting ninjas on that free sh!T see what yall missing
4:20 PM October 10, 2015 cunextuesday said:

wow, these first couple of comments... ****in stupid ****s. yall don't know **** bout this hip-hop
4:25 PM October 9, 2015 ronaldphillips8 said:

**** a beat listen to the wordz this genration let rap get to a point were mu****as jus be high af mumbling on beats sounding dumb af an wen niggaz like cole and killer mike dropping jewelz all a bih care bout is the beats