Certified Clubtapes, Vol. 17

Clubtapes.com 17th volume of #CertifiedClubtapes mixtape series documenting all the very latest EDM hits. Dropping every month! The tracks remain separated and DJ friendly so everything is high quality and dance floor ready. No DJ drops!

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12:41 AM October 21, 2015 treywigfall said:

#6 is amazing!!!! i never really comment but i had to on this one
3:19 PM October 5, 2015 mosplaya said:

slim?????????? why you f lying hmmmmmmmmmm o my god
11:56 AM October 5, 2015 pesh22 said:

11:43 PM October 3, 2015 mijit101 said:

This is amazing... :D
5:44 PM October 2, 2015 AWKING1 via Mobile:

Bangin #legit
4:33 PM October 2, 2015 alicia856 via Mobile:

Play this straight definitely a banger I love this
4:30 PM October 2, 2015 prtyprty said:

4:18 PM October 2, 2015 tillamonsta said:

For the clubheads!