Cornerstone Mixtape (The Best Of 2008)

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1:39 PM July 21, 2011 jalenwilliams43 said:

That **** is gay
7:56 PM February 21, 2010 GridironChamp3 said:

I like this mixtape
7:29 PM March 28, 2009 theshoebiz said:

why they got a picture of them on the mixtape? WACK!
4:59 PM January 25, 2009 jsmith0729 said:

they both superlame for not repping cleveland anymore
7:15 PM December 31, 2008 gixxeR said:

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban generally make hot mixes but this was a dissappointment to me. 1-10, & 26 were all good for me but the rest i couldn't get down with.

12:38 PM December 30, 2008 yoitsmatt said:

some of this **** sucks and some of it aint even mainstream anyway
you suck
9:29 AM December 30, 2008 xafltexans said:

this actually is pretty sweet.
8:47 AM December 30, 2008 kc0075 said:

y all the h8in. this is dope. take it 4 wot it is a party album wit the best mainstream tracks of this yr. stop tryin 2 b the hardest, most street head an chill. i listen 2 mostly non mainstream, but stil u gotta party sum time. show sum love. mick boogie is puttin it down - not jus this but most of the stuff he releases is hot -