Devi Franco - The Experience

DJs: DJ Lazy K
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2:27 PM October 23, 2015 showoffcoceo said:

Thanks for all the Luv..we almost at 20k
5:54 PM October 17, 2015 ChrisM317 said:

This shix solid right here!!!
5:48 AM October 17, 2015 Colts317indy said:

Favorite artist in naptown if you don't make it idk who else here in the nap will keep pushing homie I'm rooting for you bud
11:47 AM October 16, 2015 CountryGirlsDoitBetter said:

Hey that's me in the front row of that video :) Good job on the Mixtape Devi
11:40 AM October 16, 2015 Tgibson317 said:

The cover is what mostly attracted me to this Mixtape, I didn't know what to expect. ...Dude your for sure have a new friend....i didn't know Indiana boys can offense...i hope to see you on the big screen soon..let the light guide you..
10:57 PM October 15, 2015 IndycountryGirl said:

Omg Devi your so ****en HOTT!! Keep up the good work for indy.
10:48 PM October 15, 2015 317Shoota said:

Yo bro I'm glad your being original and not doing this new trending dumb **** I'm hearing on the radio..
10:30 PM October 15, 2015 NaptownPrince317 said:

Dope mixtape. ..i rock with this **** homey...