Lil Wayne & The Game - Damu

DJs: DJ Storm
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12:07 PM March 5, 2012 thisnigga619 said:

I love waynes music but BklynBoi666 your right Wayne aint a real blood. Fools a dumb *** he shot him self and his family friend is a police officer.
11:33 PM April 13, 2011 yungleelee said:

Pinney woods
4:31 AM March 27, 2011 mightyjoeyoung said:

to da nigga under me nigga bet u wont say dat to his face n bet u wont say it to me *****
5:36 PM March 15, 2011 BklynBoi666 said:

I like the game but wayne isn't blood, he's fake as **** and can't rap at all. Game needs to find better rappers to work with.
8:24 PM March 2, 2011 callykush88 said:

soooo woooo
8:27 PM January 28, 2011 Duvalgoon said:

@ YoungBoone no his brother is not thats why his brother got stole off on by white boy for bring Krip niggaz in his hood his brother a flaw *** nigga
12:45 AM December 27, 2010 drpierre said:

damu KILLAZ!1! bKlood KILLaZ!!! suuwoo KILLAZ!!! bKlaaat KILLAZ!!! bKurn tha red bKandana.
11:45 AM October 4, 2010 YoungBoone said:

i love how lil demon knows callin game a fake blood when his brother is the leader of the west coast branch of piru's which is one of the deadliest blood sets there is...PLZ