Yung Gleesh - Free Wop

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4:46 AM October 24, 2015 denmase via iOS App:

This **** clever af, hott af!!!
12:33 AM October 23, 2015 radricdavis2 via Mobile:

I downloaded every track on dis mxtape.... hard as hell
2:49 PM October 22, 2015 younggrapes via iOS App:

Smh i dnt think gucci really executive produced this stuff. This is not good at all.
1:48 AM October 22, 2015 richroyal09 said:

7:40 PM October 20, 2015 godumb2turnt via Mobile:

TrapMoneyBenny better than Dolan
12:28 PM October 20, 2015 jrn623 said:

Yall giving Dolan too much credit on this tape. All these beats are remakes/cover of old beats that Gucci rapped on thru the years.
11:59 AM October 20, 2015 Mcrem said:

9:21 AM October 20, 2015 tmacthagreat said:

i **** with gleesh, but EVERY song he's done that i **** with was a dolan beat or basedkids.