R&B Addiction 6

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1:49 PM February 24, 2011 thug_mindset said:

damn keri look ***i *** hell on here my baby mama right derr'
4:24 AM July 23, 2010 MultiSierraMist said:

:) love this cd
2:30 PM December 12, 2009 kiki2 said:

pleasure p.needs to be on here..on da real.
7:42 PM May 24, 2009 blender42 said:

the name of the first track is "superhuman" not super natural
10:29 PM February 26, 2009 Twinkie65 said:

this ***** aint no dive she let her mom dad take over....kenni T
2:55 PM February 26, 2009 cdman1 said:

keri song go hard plus she ***y is hell she need to come and getr some of dis westside love claat folk nation *****
11:19 AM January 21, 2009 bulllz said:

who ever said **** pleasure p need to be the **** slaped right across there ****ing face and i love ma baby and if you got a problem with it then churp ma phone 168*662*217 holla i love u pleasure p
1:52 AM January 17, 2009 officer2015 said:

I hate when ppl get on here and hate...shyt is ridiculous..

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