Ingenious Pleasure 2

Following up on the hugely successful Ingenious Pleasure Vol. 1 compilation, there has been a huge demand and anticipation for the upcoming follow up Ingenious Pleasure Vol. 2. Staying true to the abstract vibe and diversity that Souletiquette stands for, they have connected with the Young, older, underdogs, Pioneers, unique and talented Individuals around the world. Each creating a sound so unique, it leaves a signature that screams their name without even looking at the title. Like a Music Conductor with a baton, the Maestro and Founder DJ Scorpio Abi and the Souletiquette Family shines the spotlight on Artists such as R.O.M from the UK, Selvsse from London UK, Lege Kale from United States, Christopher Dixit from Paris, BLVC SVND from LA, Herzeloyde from Melbourne, Teklun from Baltimore, Workers from France, Haan808 from New Zealand, Neguim From Brazil, Rage Logic from Indianapolis, Wize from London, Barry Allen & Khontkar from İzmir, Gylzey from London, Dailon from San Francisco, Dear Lola & Thomas White from Montreal , Samifati from France, eu-IV from Baltimore, Raava from Texas and Slom from Seoul. Each track in this compilation elevates you to different soundscapes, letting the imagination take over, from the lands of your favourite vines samples, cupid paradise, a fantasy land where you are the hero and whatever your beautiful mind can conjure up while the music builds up the ecstasy and euphoria in our mind. Ingenious pleasure Vol. 2 will light the inner flame within its listeners, awaken their latent desire and speak into their conscious minds the moment you indulge in the 'Ingenious Pleasure'.

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