Sha Stimuli - The Break Up

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4:29 PM September 5, 2011 Reginelli said:

I have just been put on to him but I am feeling him. Good music.
11:53 PM June 9, 2011 Diondre18 said:

Damm!! He is a talented hip hop artist!! Point Blank!! He is a serious artist that just want to be respected he aint tryin to be ur top 5 he jus want respect!! Sha You earned Mine!!!!
7:02 PM May 1, 2010 st_2010 said:

dat nigga sha stimuli been hot for minute
9:27 PM October 10, 2009 finnize said:

Son keep bring it cause this **** is hot
6:00 PM April 26, 2009 luvher_501 said:

# 6 is off the chain
6:00 PM April 26, 2009 luvher_501 said:

I actually like this .....Its on something that most people and trying to hear nothing but money cars and hoes ...this is just some real relationship type ****
10:19 AM February 2, 2009 LLARRED said:

7:21 PM January 10, 2009 qdutch said:

this **** weak as ****